ESSAYS  |You have found my essays. They have been written over a period of maybe twenty years, and they have been variously published in our local newspaper, some special projects from time to time, and in our Palm Desert Country Club newsletter in Palm Desert, California. I enjoy looking at life through these fairly old eyes, and observing things through a somewhat warped set of references. Your comments are welcome through my e-mail, Thanks, and blessings! -Fred
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What's The Matter With A Basic Car? ©   Old! ©
Becoming Close Friends at the Crossroads© Modern Conveniences, Like Self Service ©
Talking About Conservation ©    Yah, But What About... ©
Obstinacy In A Pea-Sized Brain© Spelling Problems? Check This Out!  ©
Typing Without Typing ©  A Rose Is A Rose © 
Kids Are "Where It's At!" © Happiness Now Available In Cans ©
Talk About A SMALL Town! ©  Absurdities Of Modern Life  ©
Write It Down © Inventive Contrivance Blitz © 
Addressing The Issues © Soccer - An Aid To Parents ©
The Old People Kit © "Like"-ability! ©  
Cloth! © A Trip To The Country ©
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The Reasons Behind Hoppy Skippy ©   Children! Gotta Love 'Em ©  
Caving Inn © About Being A Computer Moron ©        
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Breaking News; Robots Taking Over! ©   
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