The Reasons Behind Hoppy Skippy!

-Fred Stock

            It’s summer and the little ones are out of school any minute. It’s always a pleasure to watch the small people at play. If you want a kick of an afternoon, go to a Pony League or Little League baseball game and just watch the little ones in the stands – the ones too young to be playing, but who are there with their parents! They hop up and down, climb the bleachers, run on the little hills. They chase the foul balls and scramble on the backstop screens. They roll and they giggle and chase one another. They sing and dance and whistle. They are never still unless they crash and burn in deep sleep – a recovery mechanism I have to imagine. And that’s just momentary!

          Years ago, my Barbara Ann coined a phrase that says it all… hoppy-skippy-kids! Have you ever wondered why they run everywhere? Oh, I know, they have unlimited energy and no fear of embarrassment or danger at all, but the answer can clearly be seen when you watch the parents taking them to the bathroom or the car to leave. The folks are walking at a good pace, with their three-foot-long legs. They have the urchins by one hand, and the teeny-tinies are trying to keep up. Those little 14-inch legs just don’t match the big versions, and those babies are running, jumping, hopping – anything to keep their arm plugged into their rotator cuff! Don’t believe me? Go walk the Town Center Mall and watch little families!

          These little ones have never been big – they live in a world of giants, and they logically would therefore think that’s the way to travel – full bore, head down and charge, faster faster faster! One of my teachers once said “a worm that lives in horseradish sauce knows nothing sweeter.” These little tykes think that’s just the way it's done.

          They head for every target like a woman experiencing that magnetic pull of boot leather when they walk by the shoe store. They can’t resist. What a sad experience it would be to see these little ones corralled into a quiet orderly group, walking in formation slowly and quietly. NO! Never! Hoppy Skippy’s a good thing! And remember this; they imitate what they see. Hey, that’s us! Oh, my! Bless them – They’ll be in charge of our retirement program someday soon!!  fhs